No Boundaries Paranormal


No Boundaries Paranormal is a non-profit group of paranormal investigators operating out of Michigan who specializes in the investigation of all things strange and unusual in the paranormal and supernatural field. There are “No Boundaries” when it comes to their research into the unknown!!! They conduct investigations with various types of equipment. They review EVP sessions, photography, and paranormal interviews to figure out why their clients are experiencing paranormal activity. 

We deal with all aspects of the paranormal haunting’s and activity. We are here to help when there is nowhere left to turn. If you believe you are experiencing paranormal activity and would like No Boundaries Paranormal to investigate your location, please contact them at or call (810) 346-8600, let our family help yours. Because they are a non-profit group, their services are always provided free of charge.

No Boundaries Paranormal offers:

Discreet and Confidential Services
A Professional Team of experienced Paranormal Investigators
Investigations of Residential and Commercial Properties

It has become a passion and a drive for each one of them to help everyday people, friends, families, and children to understand the existence of the paranormal by investigating the scientific aspects of the paranormal and putting their abilities to use.

No Boundaries Paranormal is dedicated to documenting hauntings and operates scientifically but with minds open to all possibilities. They will keep pushing the limits even further as they adventure off into new, unknown, dark places. Their quest is to research and study what else is out there beyond the realm in which we live.

No Boundaries Paranormal embrace every moment while on their adventures and to help people understand that the “The Paranormal is Normal, The Supernatural is Natural, just not yet understood”

3 thoughts on “No Boundaries Paranormal

  1. Vicki says:

    I just found some info on the Paracon in Sault Ste Marie in August. It was for some Twilight Tours. Is this a reputable tour group, if any of you know anything about it, or even the Paracon, please leave a reply. Thank you.

  2. Jeanne Root says:

    The Christmere House in Sturgis, MI should be added.

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