Meet The Team


Cindy Miller Kreiner

“Cindy is not a Ghost Hunter, she knows they exist”  She is a paranormal researcher from Michigan, USA.

Cindy is embracing every moment while on her adventures. Her goal is to help people understand that the paranormal is normal. It has become a passion of hers and a drive for her to help everyday people, friends, families, and children (and wishing she had this kind of help when she was a child, it just wasn’t talked about) to understand the existence of the paranormal by investigating the scientific aspects of the paranormal and putting her abilities to use. The paranormal has always been a part of Cindy’s life since she can remember. Cindy helps children who have signs of being gifted, for them to understand they are not alone, not to be scared, and that they have been given a gift. She will keep pushing the limits even further as she adventures off into new, unknown, dark places. Cindy’s quest is to research and study what else is out there beyond the realm in which we all live.

Cindy has had the pleasure to work on cold cases with Homicide Task Force to find answers for the cases brought to her.

One of her experiences has been documented in a book written by author Kim Cool called Haunted Theatres of Southwest Florida, Thank you Kim.

Check it out at with many other books Kim has published.



Ron Marion

Have you ever been in the company of someone that just wants to “hang out”? Having nothing to say or contribute, they are content with status quo? In my mind, they are the equivalent of the color beige. In other words, they are very boring! When searching the soul about my future as a image-maker, a decision was made. That decision was a simple one in theory, but a challenging one in practice. I no longer wanted My images to just “Hang Around”. I want My images to SPEAK!


 Kennedy Miller

Kennedy is a talented artist and photographer in training looking to make a career of her hobbies.  She had been asked to illustrate 2 books.

Kennedy has an interest in the unknown and paranormal after experiences she has encountered of her own, which has made her even more of a believer then she already was. These experiences brought her to joining a team of researchers “No Boundaries Paranormal” as a investigator, along with the team she wants to see what is really out there beyond the life we know it to be. She has been on multiple investigations.

She now has also turned her attention to reports of mysterious beasts and unknown animals in her local area and will team up with Bigfoot researcher Joedy Cook, her mom Cindy Miller Kreiner, and other researchers to explore and investigate the sightings. Kennedy spends most of her free time in the woods; the woods are a second home to Kennedy, one with nature and she is familiar with her surroundings.

Knowing there is so much more out there to investigate, she is excited about every adventure in this hidden world that is ready to reveal itself. She can’t wait to open that next door into the unknown haunt, hunt and adventure!!!


Eva Kromer

Eva has been involved with paranormal investigations for over 40 years beginning while she was in college. At that time she took a course within the anthropology department. Beginning in the late 70’s Eva began an association with Millie and Sheldon Blazier (Muncie, Indiana). Eva learned to meditate, use dousing rods, safely use of the Ouija board as well as intuitive methods to investigate haunted places (usually houses). In the mid 80’s she began an association with the Michigan Metaphysical Society. Her main teachers were Elaine and Sol Lewis, Irene and Art Ruzinski, and Kathy Doty. Learning intuitive diagnosis, channeling, psychic methods of investigations and other metaphysical methods.

With MMS, she continued to help investigate hauntings. Eva also became involved with working with several police departments in the metro Detroit area (at first as a student of Irene), she branched out into intuitive diagnosis under the tutorship of Art.  At this time she was also very active in the psychic fair circuit.

In the early 90’s Eva became a member of the “Y-Team”; a five member team of paranormal investigators. They investigated haunted venues, crop circles, and other paranormal phenomena (such as the White Buffalo). The team consisted of a biologist, electrician, psychologist, a priest and a psychic (Eva). Her association with the team ended when she moved from the metro-Detroit area.


Jack Harrington


Troy Conely

Jack Jr

Jack Harrington



Tricia Nielson





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