Astrology – Birthstone and Meaning

Astrology – Birthstone and Meaning

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januaryBy her who in this month (January) is born gem garnets should be worn, they will ensure her constancy, true friendship, and fidelity.februaryThe February-born shall find sincerity and peace of mind, freedom from passion and from care, if they an amethyst will wear.marchWho in this world of ours their eyes in March first open shall be wise, in days of peril firm and brave, and wear a Aquamarine to their grave.aprilShe who from April dates her years, diamonds shall wear, lest bitter tears for vain repentance flow; this stone, emblem of innocence, is known.mayWho first beholds the light of day in spring’s sweet flowery month of May and wears an emerald all her life shall be a loved and happy wife.juneWho comes with summer to this earth, and owes to June her hour of birth, with ring of pearls on her hand can health, wealth, and long life command.
 julyThe glowing ruby shall adorn, those who in July are born, then they’ll be exempt and free from love’s doubts and anxiety.
augustWear a peridot or for thee, no conjugal felicity; the August-born without this stone, this said, must live unloved and lone.
septemberA maiden born when September leaves are rustling in September’s breeze, a sapphire on her brow should bind will cure diseases of the mind.
octoberOctober’s child is born for woe, and life’s vicissitudes must know, but lay an opal on her breast, and hope will lull those woes to rest.
novemberWho first comes to this world below with drear November’s fog and snow, should prize the topaz’s amber hue, emblem of friends and lovers true.
decemberIf cold December gave you birth, the month of snow and ice and mirth, place on your hand a turquoise blue; success will bless whate’er you do.

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