How to Cleanse Your Living Space

How to Cleanse Your Living Space

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Haunted Wild Silver Sage Smudge Sticks made by Dwight and Rhonda Hull (They call them their Haunted Wild Sage due to the location they harvest it from is very active)- Purchase of Haunted Wild Silver Sage Smudge Sticks by emailing them at

Clear away any clutter that’s collected on floors or surfaces. Recycle those stacks of newspapers, throw away those old bills, and send out that dirty laundry.

Using an old cloth or your broom, dust the corners of your ceilings for cobwebs. Dust the tops of your curtains and windowsills as well.

Starting at the doorway of your house, sweep the floors in a generally clockwise direction. Sweeping is an excellent example of practical magic, cleansing on both a physical and spiritual level.

Once you’ve finished sweeping, fill the bucket about halfway with hot water and floor cleaner. I recommend Murphy’s wood oil soap, or a pine-scented cleaner.

Add a few drops of the pine oil and eucalyptus oil to the bucket of water. Crumble up a leaf or two of sage and add that as well. Drop the pennies in.

Say a little prayer over the water to the God of your own understanding. Ask that your house be blessed, peaceful, and harmonious.

Starting again at the door of your house, mop the floors in a generally clockwise direction. Envision the charmed water clearing away old, muddy energy and leaving your house sparkling and new.

When you discard the old mop water, be sure to save the pennies from the bottom of the bucket. Wash them under warm tap water and say a blessing over them.

Now, place the pennies in the outer four corners of your house, beginning in the north and moving clockwise. Ask the spirits of the four directions to make your home safe, secure, and prosperous.

Using the lemon-scented polish, lovingly polish any wooden furniture in your house. Once again, envision old vibrations being cleared away.

Light your sage or sweet grass and smudge the outer corners of each room, moving once again in a clockwise direction.

If this feels comfortable, use either your athame or the index finger of the hand you write with to sketch a pentacle in the air over each door and window of your house, envisioning the opening sealed against unwanted energies.


Pagans believe that moving clockwise (“deosil”) invokes and that moving counterclockwise (“widdershins”) banishes.

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting or are very allergic to dust, you can perform this ritual with a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom. Simply sprinkle a small amount of the charmed water (minus floor cleaner!) on the carpet.

You may wish to chant softly to yourself while cleaning. Any simple, rhyming chant will do. Here’s one example: “Gunk away, good stuff stay.”

When I smudge, I like to chant the names of the Goddess to myself: “Isis Astarte Diana, Hecate Demeter Kali, Innaana.”

Feel free to experiment with what you place in your mop water. I also like to use rose oil (love) and patchouly oil (prosperity).

Magic is the use of natural energies to bring about needed change. Listed here are some herbs and their associations.

PROTECTION FROM EVIL: Vetivert, bold leaves, mandrake root, garlic, snake head, gilead buds (balm of), stone root, basil leaves, bay leaves, asafoetida, quince seeds, lucky hand root, five-finger grass, dragon’s blood reed, blood-root, brimstone, frankincense, high John the conqueror root, sacred bark, Saint John’s wort, African ginger root, black cohosh, grape-vine, fern, rattlesnake root, plant of peace, wolf bane root, caraway seed.

CURSING: Balmony root, blueberry, cruel man of the woods, Guinea pepper, knot grass, black mustard seed, pepper tree leaves, poke root, poppy seed, rue, tormentillia, twich’s grass, valerian, wormwood, chicory root, flaxseed, jimson weed, mullein, red chincona bark, skunk cabbage root, yohimbee root, pepperwort.

PSYCHIC and SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT: Five-Finger grass, anise seed, burning bush, celery seed, lemon balm, gotu kola, mugwort, acacia, marjoram, parsley, cinnamon, mint, thyme, sage, rosemary, frankincense, bethel root, buchu leaves, bugle weed, calendula flowers, eye bright herb.

Source: Lady Elaine @


3 thoughts on “How to Cleanse Your Living Space

  1. Peggy Smith says:

    hey Im native american and I dont think you should use sage & sweetgrass in your cleansing,its a sacred medicine and shouldn’t be mixed with other sorts of things,should be respected by native american culture thank you!

  2. Jane says:

    It would appear that sage and sweetgrass are sacred to the Wiccan culture as well and are certainly not meant in a disrespectful manner to anyone, Native American or otherwise. Surely, the Native American culture does not hold a monopoly on the use of sage and sweetgrass. As a Christian with a healthy respect for all other schools of belief and worship, I am more than willing to share my faith’s sacred frankincense with those who perpetuate good in a society that is all too often anything but. We need more kind, spiritually cleansed people such as Wiccans in any culture…..and that should be respected by everyone. Thank You!

  3. Lisa says:

    Peggy, I am also Native American and yes..the herbs should be highly respected. What I’m understanding though, is they do respect the art of cleansing the atmosphere and it is not only used by our culture. The herbs most commonly used in a smudge stick are: sage, cedar, sweet grass and lavender, so obviously they would use this during their cleansing of their homes. No offense at all ma’am. I am just making a statement. Native Americans are not the only culture to use herbs in cleansing. Africans, Chinese and such, do as well.

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