Witch’s Pyramid

To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Keep Silent

This is also known as the Witch’s Pyramid. Also known as The Four Powers of the Magus or the Four Secrets of the Sphinx. To Know (Noscere-Latin) represents the element of Air, To Dare (Audere) represents the element of Water. To Will (Velle) represents the element of Fire, and To Be Silent (Tacere) represents the element of earth. Together they become “voces mysticae”. For most in the craft to be silent proves one of the most difficult lessons to learn. when all the powers are assembled together, then the fifth and most sacred power occurs, the power of Spirit (quintessence) without this sacred power the ritual/spell will break apart before your desired outcome can manifest.

The Witches Pyramid has some slight variations from system to system, but there aren’t many major differences. If you’re studying any kind of magic, it’s a good idea to keep the pyramid in mind.

To Know (nescere) – corresponds to Air

To know relates to the witches knowledge and understanding of the craft on all levels, from their understanding of rituals, spellcasting, herbs, astral travel, candle magic, crystals, spirit connection, deity invocation, ceremony, spell work, psychic awareness, divination and how to use tools. The more a witch knows, understands, and continues to learn, the more powerful and effective the magic and healing will be. A witch must manage and work with the energies that are invoked. As a practicing witch, know yourself, know your craft, continue to learn and apply your learning wisely. Most witches have an innate knowing, an understanding beyond the five senses, it is what draws them to the craft in the first place, it is something that transcends the normal human physical boundaries and leads to enlightenment.

Association: reason – intellect – intuition – wisdom -psychic awareness -abilities – rationalising – analysing – imagining – skills in the art of magic and mystical knowledge gained on any level, either through tutours on the earthplane or those from other realms.

To Will (velle) – corresponds to Fire

The will is to do with the way a witch conducts their life, and their belief and commitment to any spell or ritual they are conducting, it is the ability to raise, manage, and manipulate the power, and maintain focus and intention. To will has to do with the utter conviction and energy to manifest magic. A witch must know how to summon and direct energy and work with their internal drive, will, want, and focus leads to manifestation. To create magic a witch has to believe unequivocally in the magic they are creating. Anyone wishing to manifest understands that will is an integral part of magic.

Association: the witch’s will – belief system – discipline – – application of magical skills – approach to life – approach to magic.

To Dare (audere) – corresponds to Water

Daring to do magic without fear, daring to invoke with understanding, daring to experiment, daring to push forward, daring to experience new things. Daring to go beyond the physical limitations and surrendering to the universal energies, travelling to astral realms. Daring to be a part of the cosmic order and letting the energies flow. Transcending inner fears and perceived barriers, meeting with deities and spirits, invoking unquestioningly and being open to ancient wisdom. Facing whatever needs to be faced and overcoming. When a witch wields magic their personal emotions play an integral part, a witch must always be ready to meet a challenge.

Association: the witch’s emotions – heart – sense of challenge – drive to overcome and courage.

To Keep Silent (tacere) – corresponds with Earth

To Keep Silent, is to do with not always saying exactly what you know when it comes to witchcraft, some things are better off being quietly understood by the individual witch, and don’t necessarily need to be shared. Because you know, you don’t necessarily have to say, there is a certain power in being silent and understanding. Keeping silent also has to do with the silence within, being centered and grounded before beginning any magical work is essential to maintain a clear intent. When invoking the gods, a still and clear channel is necessary for effective and powerful connections. When invoking and receiving messages there must be silence to hear the channeled wisdom.

Associated with inner calm, silent knowing, protecting sacred knowledge.

To Go (ire) – corresponds to Spirit

Spirit is considered to embody the power “To Go” to move, to go forth, to make manifest, to bring about, to journey, to evolve, bringing the other four elements into perfect balance.


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