Witch’s Pyramid

To Go, To dare, To be silent, To know, To Will

This is also known as the Witch’s Pyramid. Also known as The Four Powers of the Magus or the Four Secrets of the Sphinx. To Know (Noscere-Latin) represents the element of Air, To dare (Audere) represents the element of Water. To Will (Velle) represents the element of Fire, and to be silent (Tacere) represents the element of earth. Together they become “voces mysticae”. For most in the craft to be silent proves one of the most difficult lessons to learn. when all the powers are assembled together, then the fifth and most sacred power occurs, the power of Spirit (quintessence) without this sacred power the ritual/spell will break apart before your desired outcome can manifest.

To go: meaning you will master the four pillars and use them in a positive way to help yourself and others. This is the ultimate meaning of the Witch’s Oath of Services.

To Dare: meaning you have pushed fear behind you and will be courageous and proactive in everything you do. You will believe in yourself and have faith not in just yourself but the universe around you.

To Be Silent: as mentioned above is one of the hardest lessons to learn. It is the most important. Meaning you will keep your mouth shut about the magick you do. Unless you want your friends and associated destroy the magick with their negativity. It also means that you will think before you speak.

To Know: meaning you will strive to learn as much as you can in this life and you will apply that knowledge to everything you do. It means you should see the truth in all things and be willing to change your opinions and perceptions as you learn and awaken your spirituality.

To Will: meaning you will learn to focus your thoughts and practice meditations and visualization to reach your goals. You won’t sit back and allowed the world to pass you by. you will meet obstacles and find positive solutions to overcome them


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